In conjunction with the Street Fair, we will launch our annual online auction from May 15th-21st and hold a live raffle drawing on May 20th at the Street Fair. The online auction will feature an assortment of unique and exciting items such as…

Two Tickets to a Show at New York Fashion Week!
VIP Tickets to the Today Show Summer Concert Series!
A Private Jimmy Choo Shopping Event!
Vacation Homes!
Restaurant Gift Certificates!
The Always Popular Teacher Playdates!
…And More!

Please note that certain items, such as vacation homes, are only eligible to be won by WMS families. 

The auction is held online at Bidding is conducted “eBay style,” with registered bidders able to enter straight bids or proxy bids, bids which automatically increment in fixed amounts when other bidders surpass the previous high bid. The auction website contains full descriptions of each item, including photos, any donor restrictions, etc. and will show bidding activity for each item.
A direct link to the auction website was emailed to WMS families on Monday morning.

Proceeds from this year’s street fair provide support for the ongoing operation and programs at The Washington Market School. Your generous donations and contributions strengthen our school community on a daily basis. WMS has been an integral part of our beloved neighborhood since the school was founded in 1976 by Ronnie Moskowitz.